This is a Test

SyMobius Testshoots

This little slogan spot right here was going to say, "AND IT'S GRADED ON A CURVE, hurr durr."

We decided that less really is more.

TestShoot 1
There are a couple of reasons why we do our testshoots.

Every now and then, we run into people that blow us away with their unique looks. We don't usually look for the conventional beauty, but instead, we look for something different. So when we do come across someone that intrigues us, we schedule a testshoot.

Another reason to do a testshoot: ideas. We gots 'em. For example, the photo above clearly shows that we had some idea involving a pretty girl shoved into a dryer for some reason or another. This is part of an idea we had about shoving people into dryers. You know… For the kids. The kids who love dryers.

Ideas + people = testshoots

After the initial shoot is wrapped, we can then get some information about the model's performance, the viability of our idea, and we can finally go about making preparations for an actual shoot.
Stranger the better
TestShoot 2
When it comes to testshoots, we love to mix it up a bit. This usually involves some creative location choices, and it's always better with something "different."

Train yards? Good. A garbage dump with a 20ft tall pile of The Monkees 8 track tapes? Even better.

Why not do a shoot in the middle of Colfax wearing a cat suit and red clown shoes while holding a toilet seat with dripping scoops of mint ice cream on top? Why not as long as it's tasteful?

This is what testshoots are all about. We do some crazy stuff and see what happens.
Stranger the better
TestShoot 2
There are many things that go into creating a SyMobius image. Model, location, planning, production, post production, psychic hotlines, photography for dummies (hard cover), and some luck. We're pretty sure there is something in there about sacrificing a live chicken.

It's always nice to have a photograph to look at when finished, but that isn't always the goal. The goal is achieving an idea once conceived by a group of demented freaks in charge of this website. Photography is just the means to get to that goal.

As expected, a lot of craziness goes into these images to do just that.
Stranger the better
TestShoot 2
Just around the time we sacrifice the 11th chicken, we come to a point we internally call, "f*** it, we're done."

At this point, most of the goals we established prior to the start of the project have been achieved. Or, it was a complete failure, and we're out looking for job applications from El Pollo Loco (something about dead chickens).

This may seem a little absolute, but this is how we function. We always admired the way Bevis and Butthead would pass judgments on things; either it "sucks," or "RAWKS."

So if it sucks, it will never see the light of day, in the interest of hiding our shame. The images will be etched on 12"x12" gold plates and sent to processing. There, it will be stamped with an asset tag and barcode identifier, and stored in a container, until the container is shipped to Nigeria for permanent storage.

But if it rocks…

It will be posted here and subjected to scrutiny from a thousand Tom, Dick, and Harrys with digital cameras in their fanny packs. We're sure there's a Ralph in there too.

But come on. How else would we learn and progress? How else would we improve our craft? We need those chickens.
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