Style - Rachelle Moya

By the time we got to this image, we've already worked with Rachelle on shooting Sage. Before we arrived to get her hair done, we told Rachelle that we wanted an industrial look for the hair, and that she had the freedom to interpret the theme in any way she saw fit.

She gave us a very powerful look with a sharp edge, while being feminine at the same time. We love how the style makes her look rebellious, while maintaining a fragile side.

Rachelle Moya Rachelle Moya - Style


Model - Liz Holland

In the planning stages, we originally had an idea of doing a blue jello background, with scoops of whip cream in shapes of clouds. It was a pretty cool idea, but we ultimately decided, that incorporating a secondary color(white, clouds) to the image would result in its departure from the rest of the project.

Knowing that Jello would not be fitting with this image, we chose a wall of denim as the background. And let's face it... What do we know about Jello? This stuff just shows up in a cafeteria. You never see anyone actually making it. It's just there in tiny bowls.

What we were sure of, was that we would be shooting Liz, who looks like a rock star that rock stars themselves would worship on their days off.

Kyung is almost certain, that if she stepped into an elevator, whatever jazz music that was playing would stop, and a cut of Jim Morrison making mouth love to a microphone would start playing in a volume that's in accordance with her naturally occurring aura.

We think the end result is a chilling photograph that stares into the viewer. We've actually never taken a bad photograph of Liz, and this trend is something that we call a 'Stinson'.
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