Style - Rocco Ciufi & Rachelle Moya

Throughout Texture Play, Rocco has provided us with the Creative Direction for every hair style that we captured. His taste in style, as well as his technical acumen is something that we do not see on a daily basis.

We simply love watching Rocco work. When we do get an opportunity to catch him in his element, we can see that he has a vision as to how it should look, and he proceeds to sculpt that idea, one step at a time. It's like watching a magic trick. As we follow him through the steps, we acknowledge what he's doing. And even though we've witnessed the entire process, we always stand in awe after he lowers the chair.

When we told Rocco that the background for this image would be Violet Yarn, he gave us something that's truly unique. As we watched Rocco and Rachelle work, we could see that they were absorbed by the process.

What we got in the end is something that truly stands out and grabs your attention, while maintaining faithful to the chosen theme. The end result is something that we couldn't have achieved without them.

Rocco Ciufi Rocco Ciufi - Creative Direction/Style

Rachelle Moya Rachelle Moya - Style/Color


Makeup - Jacki Webb-Raia

We've been speaking to Jacki about collaborating for some time before Texture Play, but we've never actually met before this shoot. And since the background for this image was built at a location downtown, we had to meet Jacki at the shoot after the hair was done in Cherry Creek.

Due to a massive scheduling error, we arrived about an hour late to the shoot. Jacki only had about an hour and a half window to complete the makeup, and we arrived 30 minutes before she was due to leave. We could only imagine what she must have been thinking.

So when we finally arrived, Jacki started working immediately, without hesitation. We'll never fully understand how she was able to pull off such a great look while being under the pressure of time.

We can say that our first collaboration began with a rocky start, but we can also say that it was a success. She achieved a look that's in perfect harmony with the theme. Something violet, yet very easy on the eyes. We love what she did for us.

We like this story.

Jacki Webb-Raya Jacki Webb-Raya - Make up


Model - Kelly Watts

Kelly is not only very beautiful, but also very versatile. We have shot her numerous times in the past, and every time we've shot her, she's had a completely different look. We like that.

When we were planning Texture Play, Kelly immediately came to mind, precisely because we see her as being versatile. This project is something that's completely unlike what we usually do, and we knew that Kelly could pull off any theme we'd eventually choose to shoot.

Usually, when we're working with a model, there is about a half an hour of time we must reserve to allow the model to 'get in the zone', so-to-speak. We've learned from past shoots, that Kelly requires no warm up time to start producing great images. Even after we had her driving all over town in traffic to get to the shoot, she was ready when we started shooting.

We love working with Kelly, and every time we finish a shoot with her, we just can't wait for the next one!
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