Style - Sandy Shibly & Rocco Ciufi

Making ofRed was actually the 4th image that we've shot for this project. During the preparation process, we realized that it would be nearly impossible to dye the hair red, if the model is a brunette. Even if a color dye was an option, it would be a difficult process involving bleach.

This was a concern to us, because we'd already chosen a model who we thought would give us that "fire-goddess" look, and she was indeed a brunette. Additionally, there were issues surrounding the idea of bleaching out the color prior to the dye being applied. Hair is a very important feature for any woman, but to a model, it is an integral part of their aesthetic ensemble. If we were to bleach the hair, it would have drastically weakened it.

Understanding this problem, we've told Sandy and Rocco that we were 'ok' with the color being left alone. A couple of hours later, we were presented with... MAGIC!

Absolute perfection. They were able to achieve the desired color without damaging the hair, and they sculpted a masterpiece that perfectly complements our chosen background. To us, this look was sexy, unique, and best of all, out of this world.

We hope you'll agree.

Sandy Shibly Sandy Shibly - Style

Rocco Ciufi Rocco Ciufi - Creative Direction - Hair


Model - Tiffany Chohfi

Making ofWhen we contacted Tiffany, and asked her if she'd be interested in Texture Play, she gave us an enthusiastic, "Yes!"

She has recently gotten back into modeling, and to us, she possesses all the qualities that we look for in a model. Good looks, great attitude, and a willingness to just have fun with the shoot.

We do a fair share of shoots with the local talent, and a lot of the times, we have to "carry" the model into getting into the mood of the shoot, so-to-speak. With Tiffany, this has never been the case, because she always dives in head first. She never hesitates to express herself, or the message we're trying to convey in a shot.

At first, we thought that the hair and the gummi bears would consume any model that we would eventually shoot for this image. We expected any and all indentifying features of the model to blend away. Needless to say, the opposite became reality. She took ownership of this image, and we couldn't have asked for a better subject.

Tiffany Chohfi Tiffany Chohfi - Model

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