Style - Rebekah Fuller

There were talks about using sharp cheddar cheese for Orange, but we had no idea how to implement cheese into our image. Obviously, using real cheese would be costly and very odorous. After much deliberation, Jess came up with a brilliant way to incorporate macaroni and cheese into the background, using paint and various adhesives. I think you'll agree, that it came out looking very real.

After the background piece was assembled(it looks so real and cheesy!) we gathered at XOXO to get the hair styled and colored. The hair is styled to mimic tube pasta, like rigatoni. A wonderful idea brought to us by Rebekah, one of our all time favorite stylists. Many of our popular photographs were styled by Rebekah, and we had no doubts that she would again do an amazing job.

Rebekah Fuller Rebekah Fuller - Style


Model - Eliza Bennett

Making ofWhen we first met Eliza, she was walking the runway at a fashion show we just happened to be shooting. On the runway, she's very graceful, and confident, which are both welcoming qualities to have in a model.

Although we knew what to expect from Eliza on the runway, we had no idea what to expect from her in a studio environment. Little did we know that she's so much fun to work with! From the first shot to the very last, she provided us with great images and some hard to forget bloopers(we want to show you, SO BADLY).

But out of the 200 or so images that were captured that day, we chose the one that features Eliza looking very majestic. She blends into the texture, while effortlessly demanding attention.

She makes beauty an easy thing to achieve.

Eliza Bennett Eliza Bennett - NXT|Model

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