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So you can color my world with sunshine yellow each day. You can color my world with happiness all the way. Just take the green from the grass and the blue from the sky up above. And if you color my world, just paint it with your love. Just color my world

Petula Clark, Colour My World, 1966

Texture Play

From Archivers to Content Creators!

We have a bit of an issue with the way we release photos. Most studios in Denver release photos in the following fashion: 1. Drop photos in facebook. 2. count all the "likes".

This method has been very efficient at grabbing "likes" from the people involved(models, MUA, and hair stylists) and their facebook friends. But because of the simple fact that the photos reside in facebook, causes another situation all together.

These photos, from the very second they are uploaded, are competing for time against a plethora of other content found in facebook. This is an unfavorable circumstance for us, since our content (photographs) can mostly be consumed in a matter of seconds, while farmville takes months for the facebook players to reach a point, where they can no longer look at themselves in the mirror.

We are competing against a dynamically refreshed, tailor-aggregated content stream. Not cool. We have dreams, too...

So, while pondering this question as well as the meaning of life, we decided that an experiment was in order, and it goes like this: Shoot something unique, that's easily identifiable. Shoot something that has a higher production value, with a unifying theme. Use facebook as the beginning of the content consumption process, and NOT the goal. Use facebook to draw people in by offering insentives, such as downloads and a journal of the production process.

This way, we can better track the browsing trends of our visitors, and we'll end up with a more accurate idea of our level of reach.

So here we go!

What is Texture Play?

We immediately had an idea to use various, easily recognizable textures as backgrounds. At first, we wanted to incorporate many textures that are naturally occurring, such as rocks, tree bark, ice, etc. This initial concept would have been more than enough to create stunning images. However, we soon decided to shift away from the natural textures, and use more textures that are found in everyday things.

The reason for this decision had a bit to do with production, as well as the concept, and our ability to obtain a certain background. We knew that the natural backgrounds would provide a very earthy balance in the color tones. Include the fact that we're limited to the variety of natural colors that are found in Colorado, the idea of using natural textures quickly became unfavorable. We've soon concluded, that, to shoot on location in the forest would be a logistical nightmare, when considering other parts of the production into account.

Hair would require a location with a power source, and makeup would need a well-lit area to apply, both of which would take a few hours. We would then need to drive to the location for the shoot, and deal with nature without the benefit of the resources that the city would offer.

Thus, we concluded, that it would be better to create the backgrounds in a studio setting, rather than to chase one. Also, in a studio setting, we'd be able to create the lighting that's mostly uniform.

In short, Texture Play is a collection of images that highlights a group of colors, that are presented as Pantone color swatches. It is a result of manipulating the background, hair, and makeup to achieve a certain visual appeal. When viewing only one of the 6 images, it stands its ground as a stunning, solo feature. When viewed together as a collection, the uniformity found in the set becomes obvious. Texture Play is a collaborative release brought to you by SyMobius, and our friends at XOXO Salon, Cherry Creek.

This being our freshman effort into the world of conceptual production photography, we hope you'll enjoy what you're about to see. Hopefully, this type of release will become a tradition, here at SyMobius.

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